Addie-Tude Performing Arts Center



Archangel readings

Angel Card 

30 minutes - $60.00
1 hour - $100.00

By Appointment


Angel Circle
Saturday - $40.00

Angel Art Readings 
1 hour - $120.00

Private Healings and workshops available for adults and children. Please go to website listed below for more information

Addie-tude Arts Ctr.
42 Memorial Plaza
(Lower Level)
Pleasantville, NY  10570

Enter Next to Starbucks 


Rocio La Rosa

Arch of the Angels

Angel Communicator, Intuitive healer and Shaman, Rocio La Rosa will help
bring peace, relaxation and balance into your life. As a spiritual being, she
works with all religions. If you need clarity in your life, looking for new
direction or looking for overall healing, you will be given the tools you need to
help you
bring you to a happier place, a place where you can create your own reality and allow for a positive future to unfold.

Energy healings are used to help you find a path of healing that will realign
you to your true luminous being. We all have free will and we can chose the
path we want to follow. If something is wrong, you have the ability within you to fix it. You can choose to live a life of regret and anger or you can
chose to see the light and beauty in everything around you. You can accept everything in your life with gratitude for the opportunities they bring you or 
you can choose to be stuck and create a stagnant energy. This is when we
can create blockages or even become ill.


ROCIO LA ROSA: Intuitive Healer / Reiki Master

ROCIO LA ROSA is a mother and licensed Special Educator with a background in psychology.  She has worked with children from birth through 12th grade and in most recent years, focusing on children from birth to the age of 7.  Looking to help others, Rocio has worked with parents in behavioral techniques and academic skills as well as working with children that are on the Spectrum for have other delays. 

Rocio is also an intuitive healer since childhood. For those seeking a holistic approach to healing or complimentary healing techniques to traditional medicine, Rocio is a Reiki Master and Light worker who uses various modalities in energy work to help others. If you are ready to make changes in your life, Rocio offers various workshops for children and adults throughout Westchester as well as private healing sessions.


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