Offering a Variety of World Dances Including

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Offering a Variety of World Dances


Josie LaRiccia is Artistic Director and Founder (2004) of Josie's International School of Dance. She holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Boston University and an Avocational Degree in Archaeology from Norwalk Community College. She studied Ballet with Diane DuPre of NYC's Joffrey Ballet and worked as an assistant Ballet instructor. Leaning towards character dance she studied Flamenco in NYC with Mariquita Flores, Mariano & Mariana Parra and Jos

e Molina, and Escuela Bolera (Classical Spanish Dance) with Daniel DeCordoba, Mariano Parra & Jerane Michel.  She is well versed in many styles of dance, hosting presentations of Flamenco, Argentine Tango & Salsa and currently performs in the Westchester and New York area.  She also holds certifications in Pilates & Kindermusik and is an adjunct dance teacher at Purchase College in Rye, New York.


For All Inquires on These Classes Contact - Josie at:
Email: / Tel: 914-332-8670


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Currently offered as a private lesson.  Workshop is in the works. Pls inquire!
Learn energizing Bachata footwork patterns (“shines”) and basic beginner Bachata partnering then advance to more intermediate partnering patterns.  Bachata is one of the most popular latin dances you’ll see alongside Salsa in most Latin nightclubs and socials.  It's a great dance to learn for fun, on your club night out with your friends, at parties or just as a great work out at home.  Feel  sexy and become more confident on the dance floor.  These latin dances will really get your hips moving.  Maria also teaches Cumbia and Merengue shines and partnering.  Single or couples welcome.  No partner necessary!



Learn classic Egyptian-style Raq Sharqi, the captivating ancient art from the Middle East!  Enrich your cultural knowledge, have fun and stay in shape. Beginners learn to drill basic movements while Intermediate students learn more layering of movements, choreographies and use of props (veil, fan, cane, zils) and take their dancing to the next level with performances!  All shapes and sizes welcome!  Accessories available for purchase. Come shimmy with us! 


Currently offered as a private lesson.  Also known as Classical Spanish Ballet from the 18th & 19th centuries. This beautiful dance is imbued with the Iberian temperament making it uniquely Spanish. The steps (pasos) and combinations of steps (compuestos) are coordinated with the playing of castanets.  Class consists of a ballet barre warm-up, center warm-up, castanet exercises, curso exercises for technique and choreography. The preservation of the Escuela Bolera dances is due largely to several generations of the Pericet family from Madrid.

FLAMENCO w/Josie LaRiccia

A regional dance from Southern Spain developed by the gypsies and Andalusians characterized by various heelwork rhythms and expressive lyrical arms which demonstrates the passionate Spanish temperament.  Class consists of braceo (arm and hand movements), marcajes (marking steps), zapateo (heelwork), palmas (hand-clapping).  Focus is on proper body line to capture the beauty and essence of Spanish character.  Choreographies focus on Buleria and Sevillanas.  Part of class explores how to play castanets, an exciting rhythmic and percussive accompaniment to Sevillanas (The National dance of Spain).  Guest Artist workshops with Rebeca Tomas, Almudena Serrano, Noelia Sabarea and other visiting Flamenco artists.


Hula is a dance form that was developed in the Hawaiian Islands by the Polynesians who originally settled there. The hula tells the stories of creation and stories about it's people through dance, chants and traditional instruments.  For example, simple hand motions signify aspects of nature, such as the swaying of a tree in the breeze or a wave in the ocean, or a feeling or emotion, such as fondness or yearning.

Every workshop consists of an extensive warm-up in a traditional Hula circle (sitting and then standing) followed by hand gestures and foot technique.  In only one workshop dancers learn their first greeting dance known as the "Kawika" which is one of the original Old World dances.  Future workshops cover more modern dances (such as Elivs' Blue Hawaii) and use of instruments (such as the Oolie Oolies).


HIP HOP w/Kiana Davalos - Currently awaiting registration. Pls inquire!
Hip Hop is a great dance for students who want to enjoy moving and dancing to popular music.  Class consists of warm-up exercises, lots of stretching, introduction to a variety of basic hip hop fundamentals such as waving, tutting, locking, popping, krumping, house and breaking.  During the second part of class students work on choreographies.

GRAB A DRUM AND HAVE SOME FUN!  For all levels.  Learn the basics of the Middle Eastern polyrhythmic structures, focusing on North African and Arab rhythms.  Each practice reviews the basic rhythms introduced from earlier workshops with new variations for more experienced drummers.  For non-dancers, drumming provides great stress relief and "brain exercise".  For belly dancers, learning the rhythms of the music you dance to is imperative to developing stellar musicality and feeling in your dance.

ON 2 CLUB STYLE SALSA w/Eddie Q & Josie
Find your groove with Eddie Q!  Learn the basics of the most sizzling and hottest dance today, Salsa!  We teach New York Club Style Salsa/Mambo On 2.  Our 'On 2' classes cover proper and perfect timing and technique for footwork patterns (shines), ear training, developing a sense of rhythm, and introduction to partnering.  No partner necessary!  Singles and couples welcome.  We’ve helped numerous students become confident on the dance floor!


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